GAME FACE: Lighter Side Of NOW Sport

01 Jul 2001 13:23 GMT

Andy McKenzie looks at the crowning glory of football's finest in the NOW Sport Mane Event.

Here at NOW Sport we like to tackle the big issues in sports head on.

David Beckham made the news recently after captaining England with a mohican hairstyle. To celebrate we unveil the first six players from football’s long and distinguished history to be inducted into the NOW Sport Hall of Manes.

From the list, we're looking for you to choose your all-time favorite. We’ve made life easy for you by sorting out the 'hair apparents'.

Top Of The Crops

David Beckham
©Craig Prentis
David “You've Missed A Bit” Beckham
Manchester United and England midfielder

Along with wearing his wife’s knickers and a skirt, the part-time footballer has sported a range of cuts during his brief but illustrious career in the fashion industry.

The latest mohican effort was widely criticized for being a bad example to his young fans.

Apparently wearing women’s clothing is okay though.

Alexi Lalas
©David Leah
Alexi “The Ginger Jesus” Lalas
Los Angeles Galaxy and USA defender

His impressive appearances for the national side led to him becoming the first American to play in Serie A.

His appearances in public have been known to cause children nightmares, prompting Sports Ilustrated magazine to report that "Alexi Lalas looks like the love child of Rasputin and Phyllis Diller."

Rene Higuita
©David Cannon
Rene “It Must Be A Wiguita” Higuita
Colombia goalkeeper

Higuita is as well known in footballing circles for his off the field antics as he is for his forays up the field and his spectacular 'Scorpion' save.

He has spent time in jail for his involvement in a kidnapping with a drug dealer back in Columbia.

But surely his real crime is still trying to pull off the Soul Glo look in the 21st Century.

Taribo West
©Ben Radford
Taribo “Just Bead It” West
Nigeria defender

“He’s got hair like a badly packed lamb and lettuce kebab,” said NOW’s special hair correspondent
Barbara Bouffante.

West has made his name as a strong defender, who's tough in the tackle and useful on the floor.

The extra inches gained by his green weave are useful for getting flick-ons at corners and distracting opposing goalkeepers.

Carlos Valderrama
©David Leah

Carlos “Let’s Get Frizzy” Valderrama
Tampa Bay Mutiny and Colombia midfielder

Valderrama’s controlled passing and cool displays in the center of midfield belie the fact that he seems to have come off worst in several battles with electricity.

Abel Xavier
©Allsport UK
Abel “King Neptune” Xavier
Everton and Portugal defender

Xavier provided the highlight of Euro 2000 after dying all his facial hair blonde, presumably in order to get noticed.

He then went on to give away the penalty that saw Portugal go out and was handed a nine-month ban from UEFA for his protests (though his appearance may have had repercussions at UEFA HQ).

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